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Bedford Road Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
Land-Based Education

Land-Based Education Advantage

LBE1.jpgThe Land-Based Education Program at Bedford Road Collegiate sees Grade 9 students and teachers using an environmental approach to learning that recognizes the deep connection and relationship of themselves to their place in the world and to the land. It seeks to offer education pertaining to the Land and through this approach it is acknowledged that it is the cultivation and observation of the relationship between people and the land that knowing and learning occurs.

The students in this program would be blocked together over a term/semester or five quints, dependent on school-year structure, and would receive credits in Physical Education, Social Studies, English, Health and Career Education. Students would develop ways to show their learning in a variety of ways and build on the skills they have to become engaged community leaders. A strong emphasis will be placed on using Saskatchewan's diverse landscape and the natural world to enhance student learning and bring the curriculum to life.

Students will take part in a variety of activities which may include daily bike trips, canoeing, walking, as well as numerous field trips to experience the areas in and around Saskatoon that can enhance the curriculum and increase student understanding of their place and the impact they can make in our immediate surroundings and global community. Highlights include:

  • Learning in an alternative setting
  • Being active, exploring the outdoors and connecting to the land
  • Developing new relationships and skills to become engaged members of the community.

Application Requirements

Grade 9 students who are motivated, love being outdoors and being active, and enjoy learning in alternative ways should apply. Online applications are available on the Bedford Road's website or you can contact either of our guidance counsellors to help with the application process. A teacher recommendation letter will also be required with each student application.