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Evan Hardy Collegiate
Inspiring Learning

Our school's curriculum is not restricted to the classroom. An extensive extra-curricular program enables students to develop their interests and to learn new skills. There are social and academic benefits as well. These activities (other than those described below) include the Student Council, the Model UN, Christian Fellowship Club, Outdoor Education, the Technical Club, Jr. Envirothon Science Camp, Sr. Syncrotron Discovery Group, and many others. These activities are an essential part of the school program.

Performing Arts
Excellent opportunities exist at Evan Hardy for students with musical, artistic and dramatic talents. Our band, chorus, artists and actors find many opportunities to perform or display for a variety of audiences. Dramatic and musical productions in recent years include: Fools and Godspell (2002/2003), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Singing in the Rain (2003/2004), It’s A Wonderful Life and Little Shop of Horrors (2004/2005), Pride and Prejudice and Guys and Dolls (2005/2006), Footloose and Macbeth (2006/2007), Grease (2007/2008), Leader of the Pack (2008/2009), Annie (2009/2010), Sound of Music (2010/2011), Oklahoma (2011/2012). One-act plays are produced each year. Many Hardy students have won performance awards at the city high school one-act festival and at the Provincial High School Drama Publications Festival. In addition, students with a wide variety of talent put on two Performing Arts showcases and two music concerts. The arts, also play an important role in the school's well-known Remembrance Day observance each year.

The student writing journal, Crampl, is an annual collection of creative writing and art. Student writers, editors, word-processors, artists, layout artists, publicity representatives and in-school sales staff produce the journal. To date it has published the work of over 650 Evan Hardy students. For some it has been the stepping stone to other publications. Some Crampl contributors have gone on to careers in writing, publishing, television and radio.

Evan Hardy creates opportunities for students to be involved in sport at the frosh, junior and senior levels. Students in grades 9 to 12 can participate in a variety of activities involving local and provincial competition. Athletic opportunities include participation in volleyball, golf, soccer, football, cross country, curling, basketball, wrestling, badminton and track & field.

Thirty-two provincial championship banners, the most in any high school in the province, hang in the main gymnasium. During the last few years our girls and boys soccer teams have won city and provincial championships while our senior basketball and volleyball teams have excelled in league competition, often advancing to represent Saskatoon in provincial championships.

A varied program of intramural programs compliments our intercollegiate offerings. Students have the opportunity at lunch to participate in such activities as: football, floor hockey, frisbee, soccer, etc. In addition, for only $25 students can access one of the best equipped high school fitness centres in Saskatoon.

Other Activities
Soul Ambassadors are grade 9 to 12 Evan Hardy student volunteers who represent the school at Open Houses, Parent/Teacher Interviews and special community events throughout the year. Meeting weekly, they are tour guides, organizers, decorators, ESL tutors, servers, etc., who are indispensable to make our school and student services run smoothly.

Culturescape—Evan Hardy‘s annual multicultural fair. The event may change yearly according to the ideas of the student leadership committee planning the event. Given the many cultural groups represented at EHCI, Culturescape is an opportunity for students and staff to learn about the diversity in our building. All students and parents are encouraged to participate.

The Media and Tech Club - The Media and Tech Club is a student led group made up of individuals who are interested in gaining experience in projects related to multimedia, audio, video and lighting. Members of the group participate by filming events for various Evan Hardy Collegiate sporting events and school activities, as well as out-of-school clients. The Media and Tech Club is also responsible for operating lighting, sound and technology for theatrical performances and school events and activities.

Inter-School Christian Fellowship Club— ISCF is an inter-denominational club that meets weekly at noon hour on a day that is decided by the club members. The club is student led with a focus on Chrisitian fellowship and the basic issues of Christianity. The motto of ISCF is "To know Christ and make Him known." All students are welcome.

Synchrotron Club—This club has won the National Students on the Beamlines science poster prize. The club is open to grade 11 and 12 students who have a keen interest in science and who are excited to work in an internationally renowned science facility. Students work with a designated scientist to design and execute a synchrotron experiment. Students need to be prepared to commit time and creative energy to participate in this group.

Student Representative Council (SRC) —The SRC is a body elected by the students to initiate and co-ordinate activities to benefit the students, school and community. The council‘s greatest concern is to create opportunities within the school for students to develop and exercise leadership, creativity, sportsmanship and fellowship.

Charity Committee—This very active committee meets once a week to organize charitable events with all donations benefiting local, national and international organizations. Each year, this committee helps to support the Terry Fox Foundation, the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Center and one international charity. In the last three years, Evan Hardy Collegiate students and staff have raised almost $18,000.00 for the Terry Fox Foundation, gathered nearly 18,000 non-perishable food items for the Saskatoon Food Bank, sent relief kits to Haiti and school kits to Afghanistan and donated money to Free the Children, the Red Cross, the MCC and the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Center. This group is dedicated to helping those who are in need and truly believes that every action and donation can help to make a difference in our community, country and world!

Evan Hardy Collegiate School Store—This student-run store is open every day at lunch and is located next to the Boys‘ Physical Education office. The store sells a variety of items from snacks and drinks to clothing, water bottles, lanyards and school supplies. Clothing items are designed and selected by students so you can be assured to find something stylish and trendy with a bit of ―Soul‖ flare!

Outdoor Education—This program introduces students to a variety of outdoor activities including spring and winter camping, canoeing and basic first aid, CPR and survival skills. Students in this group learn to plan, organize and work cooperatively with other students all while enjoying all that nature and the outdoors have to offer. The outdoor education experience is both fun and challenging and a makes for a memorable school experience. Winter camping opportunities, as well as Canoe Club, are open to all students but a time commitment and club dedication is an expectation of all participants