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Evan Hardy Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
The Student
Do you have a strong desire to create or have a sense of design? Are you an organizer and master of detail? Do you enjoy learning new technologies? Are you observant and interested in what's going on culturally and politically? Do you like to take risks and be different? Do you have a story to tell? 

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, Media School may be for you. Not everyone will have all of these qualities, which is why most media production is done in groups.

If you like to make your own videos in school or on your own, you might be a good candidate for Media School. Similarly, if you love movies and television, especially shows that are not mainstream, you may find a home here.

Who Applies for Media School

Media School is proud of the diversity of its students and alumni. Although students come from across the city, they share a common interest and passion: media.
Due to the practical, hands-on nature of the program, students experience success regardless of their compatibility with traditional classroom environments. 

The program is a great fit for students who are:
  • Going into Grade 11
  • Have a genuine interest in the film and television industry, as well as related media
  • Have an interest in non-traditional environments
  • Are calculated risk takers
  • Are creative, inspired and passionate
  • Appreciate working in a diverse community.

Media School Leads to Education and Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, students are able to apply the knowledge and experience they gain to the many production-related careers in this field. Former students are currently working for local production companies on feature film projects, television series and smaller format productions. Other students have pursued technical training programs and university degrees in film. Still others have extended their knowledge to related fields in advertising, radio, photography, website design and interactive game design. Our students' influence has even spread internationally, as a handful of alumni are working overseas. 

The continued drive of our alumni to pursue their passion is one of Media School's top priorities and we continue to see great success.

Before Entering Media School

In order to apply for Media School, students must have completed, or be in the process of completing, English 10A and 10B and Science 10. Additional classes that will enhance your Media School experience include: 
  • Visual Arts: Provides a sense of design and color; having drawing skills can be an asset.
  • Industrial Arts: Both woods and machining are good assets to have on the set.
  • Clothing: This can make a good contribution to productions.
  • Drafting: This comes in handy for set design.
  • English and creative writing: While script writing is a different beast than most fictional or dramatic writing, it's good practice to write and write lots.
  • Communication Media 10: We provide the 20 and 30 credit, so it's nice to come to the class with some of the basics (but don't worry, there are lots of opportunities to learn these!).