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Evan Hardy Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
Concert Band
At the heart of the Evan Hardy music program is three large concert bands: Grade 9, Grade 10 and Senior (grades 11 and 12). Concert band class is every other day and is a full-year course that develops instrumental skills and several musical components: technique, rhythm, composition and interpretive concepts, to name a few. Theory and music history are also part of the course.

Concert band students participate in many concerts and festivals throughout the year and have opportunities to travel, which may include festivals, clinics and other performances. Additionally, students in concert band have many opportunities throughout the year for community performances, volunteer opportunities and mentorship with the youth in our community. Students in concert band have a tradition of performing excellence, having participated in local and provincial festivals and having received several invitations to the National Music Festival and Musicfest Canada.

The Evan Hardy concert band uniform consists of:
  • Black dress pants or skirt (with tights/nylons/leggings)
  • White-collared shirt
  • Black shoes/black socks
  • Evan Hardy band tie (borrowed for the year; lost ties are $20 to replace).
Band assignments are completed through Google Classroom.

Concert November 3 2022.jpg