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High school students have Oct. 22 deadline for shift between in-person, online learning

October 08, 2020

online_news.jpgHigh school students who want to move back to in-person learning or transition to online classes for the second learning term of the school year must make their decision by Oct. 22.

The transfer deadline has been set to allow for any necessary staffing adjustments ahead of the Quint 2 start date of Oct. 30.

Students who wish to register for in-person classes for Quint 2:

  • should contact the student services office at the collegiate of their choice for more information;
  • or register online through the website of the collegiate they choose to attend.

Students who want to move from in-person learning to online learning for Quint 2:

  • should meet with counsellors at their current school to plan next steps;
  • or fill out the online registration form for OLC;
  • students have the option of either full-time (two classes) or part-time (one class) online instruction for Quint 2;
  • counselling and class selection appointments for students registering for online courses can be made by emailing the OLC counsellor.

Saskatoon Public Schools' collegiates (with the exception of Nutana Collegiate and Royal West Campus) as well as courses offered through the Online Learning Centre adopted a block schedule for 2020-21. Each learning term or "quint" lasts approximately 37 days with students taking two classes each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The quint schedule provides high school students with the option to achieve 10 credits during the school year.

Students are permitted to transfer between in-person and online learning ahead of the start date for each quint. Quint 2 begins Friday Oct. 30; Quint 3 runs from Jan. 4 to March 2, 2020; Quint 4 is March 4 to April 30; and Quint 5 runs from May 4 until June 23. The complete high school quint schedule is available HERE.