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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Registration for Non-Canadian Students

​​If you are not a Canadian citizen and new to Saskatoon Public Schools, please register through the:

Eligibility for Publicly Funded Education in Saskatchewan

​Students whose parents are permanent residents or have a valid study or work permit can register for publicly funded education in our schools through the Newcomer Student Centre

Parents with a valid study permit must study for at least one year and be registered in a recognized full-time degree or diploma program other than ESL (English as a Second Language). Students must live with their parent(s) in Saskatoon and be eligible to study at the time of registration (see The Education Act (1995), s. 142 (1), s. 173 (1), Education Regulations (2019), s. 15 (2)).  

​International Tuition-Paying Students

If you are not eligible for publicly funded education in Saskatchewan, you can register your child through Saskatoon International Education. ​