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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Summer School Program
Saskatoon Public Schools’' Summer School Program offers a range of high school credit classes that provide high school students and adults with an opportunity to upgrade their academic standing to meet high school graduation and entrance requirements to post-secondary institution.
Registration and tuition payment take place at Central Office (310 - 21st Street East) from April 10 to June 30 and/or until the class is full. Classes run from July 4-31at Marion M. Graham Collegiate. All class offerings are subject to sufficient enrollment.
Course # 004 - English LA A10
Course # 005 - English LA B10
Course # 017 - English LA A30 - Evening Class
Course # 018 - English LA B30 - Evening Class
Course # 019 - Health Science 20
For information and registration for the 2017 Summer School program please visit the following links:


Summer School Students Taking In-person Classes:  Summer School instructors will hand out textbooks to students at the first class.  Students must return the textbook(s) to their instructor either immediately before or after the final exam.  If a student loses a textbook, then they must pay for it.

Summer School Students Taking Online Classes:  Summer School students must purchase required textbook(s) at Saskatoon Public School’s Central Office.  Once the textbook(s) are returned to Saskatoon Public Schools Central Office, students will receive a full refund.