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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Silverwood Heights School - RespectEd

Saskatoon Public Schools is committed to providing safe, caring, and accepting learning and work environments. It is our goal to work with parents/caregivers/guardians and community partners to support students as they develop moral values, display ethical conduct, and achieve to the best of their ability. A key component in creating safe, caring and accepting schools is a positive school climate. Positive school climates are created when all stakeholders promote and model appropriate prosocial attitudes and behaviours such as caring, empathy, and appropriate interactions. Within the Saskatchewan curricula are outcomes and indicators related to the development of healthy and respectful relationships. Using provincial curricula and recommended resources students are taught how to negotiate disagreements and manage conflict. Our school division also benefits from the expertise of community partners (i.e. Red Cross RespectEd program, the Restorative Action Program, the Bully Prevention Network, School Resource Officers-Saskatoon Police Service).

On December 9 and 10, 2014, three students from Silverwood Heights School attended the Canadian Red Cross RespectEd: Violence and Abuse Prevention “Beyond the Hurt” conference with the financial support of the Silverwood Heights School Community Council and Saskatoon Crimestoppers and became trained and certified youth facilitators. As a result of this training, they have taught students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 about topics such as friendships, healthy relationship, and power. Three students from Silverwood Heights School will be in attendance along with their principal Mrs. Genevieve Wood to share their story about how their work has had a positive impact on school culture.