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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Distribution of External Materials
Saskatoon Public Schools is pleased to allow outside organizations to distribute materials that provide educational opportunities and inform students and families of community events and activities.

Organizations that wish to share material, either in paper or digital form, for distribution to schools are asked to submit the material for approval to the division's central office. Please do not contact schools directly.​ If approved, digital information will be shared with schools through our information portal, while hard copies of items, such as posters or flyers, will be delivered to schools through our internal mail system.

The distribution of materials from external organizations is based on the division's determination of its value to schools and their communities. Approval of materials will be provided at the division's discretion. Further information is provided in Administrative Pro​cedure 570​. Materials supplied by genuine, community-oriented organizations are welcome; however, schools should not become a vehicle for the circulation of advertising materials intended primarily for commercial gain. If approved by the division, individual schools will choose how they may wish to share materials with families and their school community. Information or opportunities directed toward staff members will be shared through the school division's staff information portal.

Our schools prefer material to come either in digital format to be included in school newsletters or in a poster/handbill form for display on bulletin boards. Materials will not be distributed to students on an individual basis. Suggested cost-effective options for organizations are:
  • A single poster for each school
  • A single poster for each school with an attached envelope containing a small number of flyers (e.g., 25 copies) that can be posted on a bulletin board
  • A single envelope of information or flyers ​(e.g., 25 copies) that could be placed at a central location in the school for students and families to access
  • A digital file (e.g., text, PDF or jpg) suitable for consideration as part of a school newsletter.
Printed materials, such as posters or flyers, must be appropriately labelled for distribution and delivered to the division’s central office. Information regarding the number required for distribution to all or a select number of schools is available by contacting the division office.

If you have questions or wish to submit materials for approval, please email [email protected].