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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Budget 2024-25
The Saskatoon Board of Education has been transparent regarding the funding received from the provincial government. In recent years, chronic underfunding has resulted in significant organizational reductions. 

On March 20, 2024, the provincial government released its 2024-25 budget. The school division will receive an operating grant of $281.6 million for 2024-25, an increase of $20.2 million from 2023-24. This increase may seem significant and it is; however, when factoring in an anticipated enrolment increase of 700 students, rising costs due to inflation and the continued increase in students requiring additional support, there is minimal room for further supports, programs and services for students. 

A notable highlight of the budget is the approval of two major capital projects for Saskatoon Public Schools: a new joint-use collegiate in Holmwood (Brighton) and a new joint-use elementary school in Brighton. We eagerly anticipate starting these much-needed projects as soon as possible, alongside construction of the new City Centre School. 

In the upcoming days and weeks, the board will continue to work with senior administration to finalize the budget for 2024-25. We will also share information with our stakeholders about our budget realities, the reductions we have made in recent years and the continued chronic underfunding we receive in the Supports for Learning category of the provincial funding formula. 

Public education in Saskatchewan needs sufficient, sustainable funding. We need your help. Make your voice heard and talk to your local Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA).