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Inspiring Learning
Early Learning

The Ministry of Education outlines the goals of prekindergarten programs in the handbook, Better Beginnings, Better Futures: Effective Practices Policy and Guidelines for Prekindergarten in Saskatchewan. Prekindergarten focuses on active, experiential learning through play in a prepared environment using childcentered, self-directed choice developing the whole child.

One of the key program components of the early learning initiative is ‘parent and family engagement’. Dr. Debbie Pushor from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Education shared ‘authentic family engagement’ principles and best practice. Dr. Pushor described the role families and parents play in creating ideal learning environments for children. Shelley Ellson, prekindergarten teacher and a parent from Sutherland School, outlined innovative strategies to host family and community in a classroom setting.

When families and schools come together, the social, emotional and academic needs of our youngest
learners are met through the partnership of authentic engagement.