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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Fit Kit

Through the financial support of the Saskatoon Board of Education, two physical education resources were created and provided to each elementary school.

1. The Saskatoon Public Schools Innovative Physical Education Kit helps teachers explore non-traditional activities and equipment that can be used to create engagement, competence and confidence in all students.

2. The Saskatoon Public Schools Fit Kit was designed, in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan, to help foster a positive and challenging environment that that will encourage students to be aware of, and interested in their fitness and take steps to engage in a lifetime of physical activity. The kit contains resources that enable teachers to infuse vigorous movement physical education activities that focus on the various components of functional fitness.

Teachers from every Saskatoon public elementary school have participated in a series of workshops supporting the implementation of these kits. Joining us in this celebration of excellence to share their experience with the Fit Kit will be Dawn Heck, who was recently recognized by the Saskatchewan Physical Education Association as the Quality Daily Physical Education Professional of the Year, students from Queen Elizabeth School, and Jason Weber from the Human Performance Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.