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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
​School community Councils are advisory bodies focused on enhancing student learning and well-being. Membership includes elected and representative members, and appointed members.

Elected and representative members:
  • Five to nine elected parents/guardians and community members 
  • First Nations representative(s) if there are students who live on reserve and attend a school
    within the school division
  • One or two secondary students who attend the school if the school offers 10-, 20- or 30-level credits.
Appointed members:
  • Principal
  • Teacher
  • Other individuals in consultation with members of the Council and approved by the Board of Directors; for example, community school coordinator, school nurse, nutrition coordinator.

Election Procedures

Responsibilities of Members

  • Understand the learning and well-being needs of students and the needs of the​community, and become knowledgeable about resources and supports for the school, parents and community
  • In cooperation with the principal and school staff, develop a School Strategic Plan
  • Provide advice to the Board of Education on policies, programs and educational service delivery
  • Provide advice about school programs, as well as advice to other organizations, agencies and governments on the learning and well-being needs of students
  • Report to the parents and community on the School Community Council's plans, initiatives and outcomes and on the expenditure of funds related to the operation of the Council
  • Participate in orientation, training and networking opportunities in order to enhance the School Community Council's capacity to fulfill its responsibilities​.