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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Enhancing School Science with Indigenous Knowledge: What We Know From Teachers and Research
Over the past several years, a number of Saskatoon Public Schools’ teachers worked with University of Saskatchewan Emeritas Professor Dr. Glen Aikenhead to develop a resource to support the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge in the teaching of science. The resulting handbook, Enhancing School Science with Indigenous Knowledge and Research: What We Know from Teachers and Research, supports the renewed Saskatchewan curriculum which incorporates First Nations and Métis ways of knowing and being with scientific knowledge. The handbook combines research with firsthand accounts from Saskatoon Public Schools’ teachers and students about how to combine Indigenous and scientific knowledge. Please see the
following link for viewing:
Two teachers will be sharing their experiences using the handbook and the impact it made on them and their classrooms—Ms. Theresa Bodnar, Learning Leader, Bedford Road Collegiate Institute and Ms. Gillian Strange, Grade 7 and 8, Vincent Massey Community School. Darryl Isbister, Coordinator for First Nations and Métis Education, will share a glimpse of the process that the teachers participated in while developing the resource.