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Career & Work Education FAQ's
What is the Purpose of the Community Work Experience?
To provide students with: - Experience in working environments and on-the-job relations. - An understanding of the responsibilities and attitudes towards a job. - A chance to explore their skills and abilities. - A chance to evaluate their need for education and skill development.
What is Expected of the Students?
The student is to be evaluated on the qualities of an employee in a learning situation and he/she should be treated as such.
What Supervision is Provided for the Student?
- School personnel make periodic visits to the work site to observe the student's progress, and be available for consultation with the employer. - Employers provide supervision appropriate to an employee in training. - A recommended procedure is to place the student under the supervision of a reliable regular employee.
What Type of Work Should the Student Do?
It is desirable that the student be given experience in as many areas as possible, with consideration being given to the student's ability to handle any particular assignment. The Work Education Office will provide a Training Plan.
Do Programs Provide Paid Work Positions?
Career and Education Programs provide students with the opportunity to study in the classroom and in the community. The student gains credit toward senior matriculation. The student at the work site shall not take a paid employee's position. If the employer employs the student outside of the terms of the Career and Work Education Agreement then remuneration shall be payable according to law.
Does the Student have Insurance Coverage?
Yes, the student is covered under the Saskatoon Board of Education general liability insurance and is also covered under the Worker's Compensation Act.
How will the Student be Evaluated?
His/her work site performance, as well as the in-class performance, determine the student's mark. Both the employer and the student's teacher will evaluate the student's performance at the work site. The student's in class performance and community-based performance is reviewed in the final evaluation.
How does a Student Apply for a Program?
The student can make inquiries at any secondary collegiate, or call the Career and Work Education Office at 683-8417.
How do businesses and community organizations get involved?
Saskatoon Public Schools values the participation of community organizations and businesses in these Programs. Community support is vital to their success. To make inquiries please call our the Career and Work Education Office at 683-7556.