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Collegiate Online Learning Centre (9-12)

The Collegiate Online Learning Centre offers Saskatchewan high school courses (Grade 9-12) to students, both high school aged and adults, in an online learning environment. Students in Grade 9-12 have an option to register part-time or full-time in the OLC. Full-time students will take up to two classes at a time over 4 quarters plus an additional class each semester for a total of 10 possible classes. Part-time students will take one class at a time and remain enrolled at their home collegiate for part-time in-person classes.

  • Grade 9-12 programming is course based. 
  • Students in Grades 9-12 will use Blackboard as their learning management system.
  • Collegiate students can expect regular online sessions with their teacher in a combination of large group, small group, and individual online sessions.
  • We know that multiple transitions adversely affect student success so we highly recommend students register for the entire year.  If this is not possible, we recommend students return to in-person learning at their school during a natural point in the school year, such as end of a two-month learning block.

Newcomers to Canada

Students who are NOT CANADIAN CITIZENS and who are new to Saskatoon Public Schools must contact the Newcomer Student Centre before filling out the registration form.  Phone: (306) 683-8400 or Email:

Student Technology Needs - Secondary

To take online classes, students will need access to a computer and the internet. They also may need the ability to install software, depending on the class.  Any needed software is either free of charge or will be provided.  Most resources are digital but some textbooks will need to be picked up at the beginning of each quarter. Arrangements can be made to mail textbooks if a deposit is paid.

Students with EAL and or Intensive Needs

For students with additional needs, the implications and challenges of delivering an individualized program in an online format need to be carefully considered and discussed with the child’s support team prior to enrollment. An online learning plan for students with additional and intensive supports will be developed with the online teacher, student support team and families as required.