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Inspiring Learning
Secondary Teachers
Brightwater High School Planning Sheet is available to assist teachers in planning a meaningful Brightwater Experience.
The Brightwater Project Leader is available to visit teachers and their departments and/or by phone or email to discuss possibilities, collaborate planning and assist teachers in learning more about the resources that are available

Programming Documents

The possibilities are numerous to extend classroom learning in Science, Native Studies, History, Social Studies, Mathematics, Pure and Applied Arts and ELA through experiences at Brightwater that address curricular outcomes from Indigenous and Western worldviews.  The Brightwater Project Leader and facilitators, and FNIM Unit are available throughout the school year to collaborate with teachers to individualize their Brightwater experience for their students.
Below are some Curricular Outcomes and Units that could be addressed through Brightwater experiences:
​Grade 9​Grade 10​Grade 11​Grade 12






​CR A10.1

CR B10.1

CC B10.1

​ ​ ​


 ​Sciences​Eu 9.3SCI10-CDI b & f

SCI10-CD1 b.c.d.f.g.

SCI10-CD2 f & j

SCI10-CD3 a.b.c.d.g.i.j.k.l.

SCI10-CD4 a.c.e.d.f

Environmental Science:

ES20 - CE1 d & f

ES20-SDS1 a.b.g.h.j.

ES20-AS1 a to h

ES20-AS2 a

ES20-TE1 a.b.c.e.f.h.i.

ES20-TE2 a.b.c.d.e.f.j.

ES20-TE3 a.b.e.f.g.h.i.j

Health Science:

HS20-SDS1 a

HS20-HC1 a,b,c,d,g,i

HS20-HC2 d,e,f,g,i,k

HS20-HB1 a

HS20-NU2 m

HS20-DT2 g


Biology 30

BI30-SDS1 a,b,c,d

BI30-LE2 l

BI30-OL1 f

BI30-OL2 a,c

BI30-Ol3 b

Earth Science:

ES30-SDS1 a,b

ES30LS1 a,b,d,h,j

ES30-LS2 d

ES30-LS23 j

ES30-AH3 b,j

Social Studies

Grade 9

Native Studies 10

Unit 1: Identity and Worldviews

History 30

Unit 1:

First Nations Societies and Sovereignty

The First Nations and the Land


SS 9.1 g

​SS 9.2 a

​P10.7 j​FM30.8
 Samples of Inquiry possibilities, resources and experience planning documents:
​Art                   Earth Sciences 30​                 English Language Arts

                  ELA 10


Environmental and Health Science 20

                 Evidence of Past Cultures​

                    Career Education​


​History of First Nations and Métis Settlement                                                          

Indigenous Knowledge  and Brightwater Ecology



Native Studies

                    Science 10

                   Wildlife Management






Sample Planning Documents

General Documents

Related Links

    • Relay Education is a national charity focusing on educating Canadians on renewable energy and energy conservation.
      They provide, free of charge, their Green Collar Careers program in Saskatoon high schools, which is a one hour workshop focusing on careers in sustainability.
    • Resources for Rethinking is a project developed by Learning for a Sustainable Future. Lesson plans, worksheets and other teaching resources are available that integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) principles.
    • Adopt a Rancher is a fully integrated, curriculum-supported Science 10 program that fits with the Sustainability of Ecosystems unit. PCAP (Prairie Conservation Action Plan) will coordinate interested schools with participating ranchers, provide program materials, guides, maps, reference materials, and coordinate all aspects of a field site visit. The program is very flexible, to enable participation by any Grade 10 Science class.
    • Saskatchewan Eco NetworkDestination Conservation, a combined technical/educational approach to energy conservation in schools.
    • Ducks Unlimited  Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has been committed to wetland conservation for more than 65 years.
    • The Meatrix  Examine issues related to factory farming and free range farming.
    • The Story of Stuff  The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns
    • Grocery Store Wars Examine the plight of the food you eat.

Other Saskatoon Public Schools Environmental Programs

Grade 11 Outdoor School Program